Financing: Do you know if you can afford your dream property?

Use our financing calculators to answer the following basic questions: Can I afford the house or apartment I want? How much money should I have available each month for a loan?

Your maximum monthly payment should not exceed 35% of your monthly net household income, experts agree. Based on this, the budget calculator will calculate your maximum purchase price, loan amount, and your maximum monthly loan payment. Further below you will find a land registry calculator that shows you the notary and land registry costs incurred.

Use our budget calculator for your real estate financing:

Financing your property: how does the budget calculator work?

After entering the monthly net household income and the information on equity, you will receive initial orientation values. The maximum monthly payment is equal to the maximum setting of the regulator and represents 35% of your net household income.

The preset monthly rate is 80% of the maximum monthly rate. Thus, it allows for a financial buffer. In the second step, you enter the following information: Notary and land registry costs, land transfer tax, brokerage costs, security buffer and any modernization costs. Enter the desired values or follow our recommendations and preset specifications.

The budget calculator determines the possible purchase price from the monthly installment, the equity capital used and the expected ancillary purchase costs. This will tell you which property you can afford. The more accurate the information, the more realistic the estimate of your maximum purchase price.

Real estate financing: What does the budget calculator show?

In the budget calculation, basic key data of a real estate financing are requested. For the most realistic information about your financial possibilities, it is sufficient for the time being to state your monthly net household income and the amount of your own capital. The budget calculator gives an initial indication of the purchase price you can afford. When planning, keep in mind that you will need to purchase land in addition to the property. If you do not already own a property, the calculated amount is available for the property and the land.

The calculated data are only approximate values. Feel free to contact us for individual financing proposals before you get into the concrete planning.

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Notary and land register calculator as orientation for your financing

What are the notary and land registry fees involved in a real estate purchase, debt restructuring or land registry change? This land register calculator will show you. All you need is the purchase price of your property and the amount of the land charge to be registered.

First, choose for what purpose you want to use the land register calculator. Are you about to buy a house or land? Then select the preset tab to buy a property with land charge registration. Are you already an owner and would like to reschedule your construction financing? Then also have the land registry costs and notary fees calculated. Another possibility is the calculation of fees for a cancellation, assignment or new entry in the land register.