Real estate annuitization: we show you what it means and how it works!

A real estate annuity offers older people the opportunity to convert their home or apartment into a real estate annuity. The special thing about this is that you can stay in your property. With the real estate annuity, you benefit from an absolutely secure model of retirement financing, since the basis is a notarized purchase contract.

In return, you receive an individual pension payment depending on the market value of the property, as well as the right to live in your own four walls for life. The entry in the land register in first place secures these benefits. We would be happy to explain to you in a personal meeting how exactly you can structure the contract. For example, lump-sum payments instead of pension payments or a combination of both are possible.

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Real estate annuity – your advantages:

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Your contact on the subject of real estate annuitization:

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For whom does real estate annuitization make sense? Here you can see some examples:

The 4 steps to your real estate retirement:

We would be happy to hold a non-binding consultation with you. Simply make an appointment with our managing director Johann Meier by phone (089 456 78 46-22), by e-mail( or online. We will explain all the details of your real estate pension and will be happy to answer any personal questions you may have.

If you are interested in an individual offer, an independent expert will prepare an appraisal of the value of your property. This gives us the basis we need for calculating the annuity.

We will submit you a contract offer with the calculated real estate annuity. The basis for this is the existing valuation report. Together we will discuss the details and clarify your questions. We will accompany you through the next steps and, if you wish, we will be happy to go beyond.

Notarization of the contract for real estate annuitization. The notary arranges for the entry of the lifelong right of residence and the pension payment in the land register. Now you can start and soon you will receive the first payment 🙂

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Is my property suitable
for retirement?

Single-family and multi-family homes and condominiums are eligible for real estate annuitization. A commercial share is also possible. Even residual debts of 20-50% of the market value are usually not a problem.

Information for heirs and legatees

Real estate annuitization offers security. This is because the parents stay in familiar surroundings and the children do not have to worry about the financial burden. It is possible to distribute the inheritance during one’s lifetime by making a lump-sum payment.

Maintenance: No problem
at retirement

Search for suitable craftsmen, compare prices and make sure that the work is done well: The maintenance of one’s own property causes many seniors great concern and expense. This is no longer an issue with real estate annuitization.

Usufruct and right of abode what is the difference?

With a real estate annuity, in addition to a cash benefit, you also receive a lifelong right to live and use the property. For this purpose there are fixed, legal regulations:

§1030 ff BGB regulates the legal usufruct. Here you remain the economic owner with lifelong right of use to your property. This means that you benefit financially from the house or apartment even after you move out. The disadvantage is that the burdens (maintenance) also lie with you. The new owner could even assert liability claims against you or your heirs if, in his opinion, you take too little care of the property.

§ Section 1093 of the German Civil Code governs the statutory right of residence. The advantage here is that the new owner is responsible for maintenance, so you have no obligations and costs. However, your right of residence ends when you move out of the property.

With our real estate annuity model, Deutsche Leibrenten AG combines the best of both worlds. In addition to the pension, you receive a lifelong right to live and use the property and do not have to worry about maintaining it.

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